Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cleaning Baked-on Foil in the Oven - Help

Yesterday I received this plea for help....

"How do I remove baked on tin foil from the bottom of my
electric oven. My son lined the botton of the oven to keep it clean and now the tin foil will not come off the bottom. He wants to buy a new enamel bottom to this new stove. Help!"
I've hunted on the web and found lots of ideas for removing baked on food from pots and pans and general tips on how to clean the oven without using harsh chemicals. But this question doesn't seem to pop up anywhere although I know it can happen.
My only idea would be to put some water, vinegar, ammonia or baking soda in a pan in the oven on low heat just to steam things up a bit. Then I'd use a plastic scraper GENTLY to try to peel off the foil.

So if anyone out there can help with this dilemma, please share in the comments.

Here's an update for another suggestion to remove stuck on tin foil
I found it here after an extensive Google search came up with relatively few suggestions.
"I called Sears and this is what they said to do:

BE CAREFUL, remove as much of the foil as possible Turn oven on to 200 lay an old wet bath towel on top. Use a plastic spatular to remove the foil.

They said it will take some time to remove the foil, in some cases days, and that you can still use the oven but DO NOT use the self cleaning untill all the foil is removed."

Please email me any of your questions, and if I don't have the answer, I'll certainly try find it for you.
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Anonymous said...

My be some one should contact these oven manufactures to place a caution sticker on the bottom of the oven liner to save people going through this we have done the same thing with no luck to remove the foil Good Luck

bill said...

If you can remove the bottom drip tray/pan from your oven which the tinfoil is stuck to, than remove it. Ovens with "hidden element" usually have the removable bottom tray/pan. Don't scrape yet!!
Lay the tinfoil laden tray on a flat service where it wont be disturbed for a couple of days.
Now remove any tinfoil you can with a plastic scraper/spatula/pancake flipper.
Once thats done, pour bleach directly onto the drip tray/pan until it covers all the stuck tinfoil.(assuming your oven pan is like mine and has a lip all the way around and is somewhat countersunk).
Leave the bleach in for about 2 days. Now get your plastic scraper again and scrape away. The stuck tinfoil should all be dissolved by the bleach and the scraper should get rid of any residue. Then rinse!
Now this method will probably leave some darkened stains on the oven tray, but not near as ugly or noticeable as that melted tinfoil!!

Good luck!!

Ruth Daniels said...

Bill thanks for the tip.

bill said...

My pleasure!!


Anonymous said...

DUH! I did it this morning and tried heating the oven to 200 degrees and scraping with a spatula; however, the spatula melted and made it worse. So I called Sears at 1-800-488-1222 (parts) and ordered a new part for $27. He said it is easy to replace the part. Two screws, take old out and put new one in.

Ruth Daniels said...

Glad to know it's not that big a deal to replace...and sorry about the spatula!

Anonymous said...

Well I experienced this too. I have a self cleaning oven. I tried to scrape it off with a plastic spatula & even ran my self-cleaning cycle on the oven. I was about to give up & then asked the guys at home depot & they suggested using a spray oven cleaner. I sprayed it on heavily & left it on over night. The next morning almost all of it came off. I did one more over night treatment & its all gone. The guys at Home Depot thought it would work since there was probably a little grease on the bottom of the oven before I set the foil on top. Then everytime I used the oven, I baked it on. Finally an answer that works!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Should've added to my last post that the oven needs to be COLD. Don't heat the oven!!

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks for sharing. Now we all have another trick in our arsenal.

Max Manners said...

Use Teflon reuseable non-stick oven liners sold by they last for years. It is what professionals and the food manufacturing industry use.

Ruth Daniels said...

Great tip, Max. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

I melted my Renolds Wrap foil also to the bottom of my new stove. I took the advice of the previous advise listed above and called Sears parts dept and ordered a new oven panel for the bottom of my stove. With shipping it cost $44. I went and read the foil box and low and behold, it said to NOT put foil on the bottom of the oven! We live and learn! Hope this helps someone!

Ruth Daniels said...

Now if only others would read this BEFORE placing foil on the bottom. Thanks for sharing.

MICHELLE said...

My genius husband had an immediate solution after we tried EVERYTHING we could find on the web. Replacing our entire interior to our brand new Wolf Oven was not going to be a cheap option for us.

He removed all metal from the oven (racks and pans).....he then carefully poured Pool Acid all over the melted tin foil. It instantly dissolved the tin foil. He used a wet rag to wipe it all out. He then used a car polisher/buffer to buff the interior back to a beautiful shiny blue and then of course wiped it clean again. We are now using the self-clean option to give it a final cleaning....My oven looks brand new again

You must turn on the fans and open all your windows as the pool acid has a strong odor....but it is perfectly safe as long as it does not touch any other metal other than the melted tin foil!

My hubby restores old classic cars - so he is use to working with lots of chemicals. Love his genius mind!!!

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks for the very detailed remedy.

Anonymous said...

I removed foil from my new stove with crystal drain opener . Pour it on add a little water, leave the room deu to the fumes and three tries and it was gone. It gets very hot and removes it completely. Be cautious of the fumes.

Anonymous said...

We tried the Pool Acid and it ate the aluminum foil, but it actually ate the glass too. We wouldn't recommend it. Also when you are attempting all these things, be sure to remove the glass from the oven. We opted to order the replacement glass.

Anonymous said...

First, I have to say 'Thanks' to all of you, I now have hope of fixing my mess. Second, I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

Oven Cleaner Sheffield said...

This does not have to be a hard task, seriously. All you need is a razor scraper, and a nice steady hand. Please give it a go and report back :-)

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