Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Cooking Tips Video Clips: Episode 2 - Chopping

The last episode was about the most important knives you can have - an 8" chef's knife (best knife around for finely chopping herbs, etc.), a 6" knife for inbetween jobs and a small paring knife (great for getting into precise and small spaces, like cutting eyes out of potatoes, bruises off of fruit, base of tomatoes).

So it makes sense that we continue with what knives do. I get many questions about chopping. Most often it's about the size...chopped, finely chopped, diced, minced...what IS the difference? I hope you find this video on chopping useful. It's a little tempermental, so you might have to click on the screen and then hit the space bar or enter key, but it should work, but if it doesn't you can click here and go directly to Google Video. Let me know what you think.

Next episode will continue with more knives and how to sharpen them.

Please email me with feedback, ideas for future segments, plus any of kitchen questions, and if I don't have the answer, I'll certainly try find it for you.

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Sheldon Cohen said...

Hi Ruth,Just saw these movie clips you are starting to post. They're great. I actually love putting onions in almost everything and would just chop left and right, up and down, all over the place. That little trick of making slices first and then secondary slices from the end will be a big help. I'm not a real cook in any way, so these little hints make a big difference for quick meal preps. Thanks - S

Ruth Daniels said...

Thanks for dropping by and glad you like the clips.

Hopefully more will be coming this weekend.