Sunday, November 08, 2009

Marcy Goldman's Three Tricks of the Baking Trade

Marcy Goldman (you might know her from her very successful baking site BetterBaking) has a new baking book out The New best of and it's fantastic. You can check out my review and a couple of recipes, but I'm here to share her three most important tricks of baking:

1. Double your baking sheets. The bottom sheet insulates the top one and dispenses the heat evenly. If you're baking in a loaf it on a baking sheet to create the same insulating effect. Place a sheet of parchment, not just on the top sheet for easy cleanup, but on the bottom sheet as well. Apparently it modifies the heat of the metal baking pan.

2. Large plastic bags make great proofing tents. Use large clear plastic bags (like the ones for leaf or recycling collection). It's great for brad rising. Just slip the rising bowl, formed loaves or sheet of rolls into the bag and seal it lightly. It creates a tent ensuring proper humidity and protection from drafts. No more sticky towels.

3. Use nonstick spray on rising dough to preserve the moist surface.
If you have a baking tip to share, please leave it in the comments.

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