Monday, December 07, 2009

More Help for Oven Cleaning

Yet another of my readers has an issue with cleaning her oven. This time it's a convection oven that she tried to "protect", but I'll let her tell her story...

"I have a new kitchen aide convection oven with blue enamel inside. I thought I was being smart by putting a non-stick spillmatt by Regency Wrap on the bottom of my oven to keep it nice and clean. It was great for a month, then one day I noticed the mat had turned white in the middle and burned onto the bottom of my oven.
I now have a big white spot on the bottom.

I used all I had available and poured apple cider vinegar on it several times....with
some scrubbing I was able to remove some of it but not all of it...yet. I was hoping you had some extra tips or heard of this before and could help. Do you think it will ever all come off?"

So I did a little Google searching of my own and found these ideas that hopefully will help her out...and the rest of us too, for that matter.

First I want to say that I've never used a convection oven, so it was fun trying to find a solution and if anyone out there can help, please leave a comment.

One link suggested steaming a lemon in the oven at high heat

Another suggested using Murphy Oil Soap and water. I think I might have to try some of that for my "self cleaning" - I use the term loosely conventional oven that leaves stains and burnt on grease, etc., on the front edge of the oven and on the door.

This ammonia trick might help us both as well.

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